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Extend the Longevity of Your Equipment

At North Queensland Hardfacing (NQHF), our highly skilled team specialise in tungsten carbide hardfacing, custom cutting edges and bucket wear packages within the Hunter Valley. We take pride in increasing the lifespan of your equipment, leading to enhanced productivity, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

With our range of modification services and customised products, we assist clients in extending the longevity of their machinery. Whether your components require welding, bolting or pinning, our focus remains on cost-effective wear improvement for both fixed and mobile plant applications.

Since our establishment in 1996, NQHF has been a trusted name, known for innovation, quality and delivering significant cost savings.

What We Do

If you’re in the mining, quarrying, construction or agricultural industries, reach out to our team today to learn all about how you can save on maintenance costs. At NQHF, our experienced team is available for consults all over the Hunter Valley. We’ll assess your site and recommend ways to reduce abrasion and extend the lifespan of your essential machinery.

Our services include:

All services we offer can be customised to suit your requirements and the condition of your equipment. Whether you’re working with drill bits, teeth, rotors or anvils, we’ll devise an innovative solution to boost the lifespan of your vital components. We can increase the durability of your buckets, repair components and manufacture cutting edges in all shapes and sizes. Not only that, we provide welding, plasma cutting, drilling and pressing in house as required. Count on us for premium workmanship and high-quality products that stand the test of time.

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Tungsten carbide hardfacing is twice as strong as steel, providing a significant boost to the lifespan of your equipment. By choosing this durable solution in the Hunter Valley, you can minimise downtime for repairs and maintenance, ensuring smoother operations and increased productivity.

We use Hardox wear plate and tungsten carbide hardfacing to create custom cutting edges in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our experienced team handles the entire manufacturing process in-house in the Hunter Valley.

Enhance the longevity of your underground and surface loader buckets with our wear packages. Our expert team offers tungsten carbide hardfacing solutions for cutting edges, shin guards, heel bars and more.

Our Hardox wear plate is specifically designed for applications that endure high levels of wear. Whether you need cutting edges or bucket skins, our experts in the Hunter Valley are here to offer professional recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

Count on our highly experienced team to deliver top-notch abrasive blasting and painting services in the Hunter Valley. With our dedicated facility and two fully mobile units at your disposal, we provide convenience and flexibility for projects of any scale.

We provide bucket rebuilds, wear packages, line boring and much more. Experience the convenience of our fully mobile workshop—our experienced team can travel directly to your site in the Hunter Valley.

Our team tackle all kinds of fabrication and repair jobs in the Hunter Valley. We provide plasma cutting, drilling and pressing in-house to ensure quality throughout.

Leveraging the strength of structural steel and UB frames, we design robust sheds in the Hunter Valley. Whether you require modifications to existing farm sheds or the construction of a brand-new workshop, we are your trusted partner in shed construction.

Our Hunter Valley team can cut shapes with precise accuracy using state-of-the-art plasma cutting machinery. We can deliver what you need in your exact requirements.

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Products For Industrial Application

Trust the dedicated team at NQHF to deliver exceptional products and services in the Hunter Valley. Whether you require repairs, upgrades or new components, our friendly team is here to assist. With a wide range of on-site products specifically tailored for the mining, agricultural, construction and quarrying industries, we’ve got you covered.

Our products includes:

Simplify your day-to-day maintenance with our high-quality solutions. Trust us to deliver reliable and long-lasting solutions that stand the test of time, allowing you to focus on your operations with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tungsten carbide hardfacing is suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as mining, construction, agriculture and manufacturing. It is commonly used on components subjected to severe wear including cutting edges, blades, teeth, wear plates, drilling tools, crushers and conveyor screws.

Choosing the appropriate tungsten carbide hardfacing material depends on various factors such as the type of wear encountered, the specific application and the operating conditions. It is essential to consider the hardness, toughness and composition of the tungsten carbide material, as well as the binding matrix used during the hardfacing process. Consulting with experts or suppliers who have in-depth knowledge of tungsten carbide hardfacing can help you select the most suitable material for your specific requirements.

The longevity of tungsten carbide hardfacing depends on several factors including the type of wear it is subjected to, the quality of the hardfacing application, and the operating conditions. In general, tungsten carbide hardfacing can significantly extend the lifespan of components, providing enhanced wear resistance and durability. However, the exact duration can vary widely based on the specific application, the intensity of wear and the maintenance practices employed.

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