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Improve Abrasion Resistance On Your Equipment

The experienced team at North Queensland Hardfacing (NQHF) provide custom cutting edges and bucket wear packages throughout Mackay and surrounds. By increasing the lifespan of your equipment, you can improve productivity at your site, minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

At NQHF, we help clients extend the life of their equipment and plant with our range of modification services and custom-manufactured products. Whether your components are weld-on, bolt-on or pin-on, our whole philosophy is to cost effectively improve the wear of all types of fixed and mobile plant. Since 1996, the team at NQHF have been leading the way in innovation, quality and creating cost savings for customers.

Our Range Of Cost-Effective Services

Find out how you can save on maintenance costs throughout the mining, quarrying, construction and agricultural industries today. The experienced staff at NQHF are available for consultation throughout Mackay and surrounds, providing recommendations to reduce wear caused by abrasion and prolong the life of your equipment.

Our services include:

We provide services tailored to the needs and condition of your equipment. From drill bits and teeth to rotors and anvils, our team provide innovative solutions to achieve maximum life for your components. We can make your buckets last longer without overweighing them, repair and rebuild components and manufacture cutting edges in any size or shape. Our highly trained team offer a range of workshop capabilities, such as welding, plasma cutting, drilling and pressing. We take care of all manufacturing and repairs in-house, providing a premium standard of workmanship and high-quality, made to last products.

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Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

Our Services

At North Queensland Hardfacing (NQHF) we provide a wide range of services in the Mackay and surrounds. Contact us today for more information on our services.

Using Hardox wear plate, we create custom cutting edges in any size or shape. Rely on premium-quality manufacturing, carried out 100% in-house by our experienced team.

Increase the wear life of your underground and surface loader buckets with wear packages from our experts.

At NQHF, we provide premium-quality Hardox wear plate suitable for applications where there is high wear. From cutting edges to bucket skins, rely on professional recommendations from our experts.

Rely on our highly experienced team for quality abrasive blasting and painting throughout the Mackay region. We have our own facility set up, plus two fully mobile units ready to visit your site.

With our fully mobile workshop, our experienced team can travel to your site throughout Mackay and surrounds. We offer bucket rebuilds, wear packages, line boring and much more.

We take care of all fabrication and repair jobs large and small. We have in-house capabilities for plasma cutting, drilling and pressing, maximising efficiency and ensuring quality at every step.

Using structural steel and UB frames, we design heavy-duty sheds throughout Mackay and surrounds. From altering farm sheds to constructing a new workshop, rely on NQHF for all your shed construction needs.

Our team use leading-industry technology such as precision plasma cutting machinery. We can design and cut a wide range of shapes with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

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High-Quality Products & Friendly Service

Rely on the team at NQHF for high-quality products and services throughout Mackay and surrounds. Whether you need repairs or upgrades on your existing components, or need to source a product, get in touch with our friendly team today. We carry a large range of products on-site, suited for applications throughout the mining, agricultural, construction and quarrying industries.

Our products includes:

Reduce day-to-day maintenance scheduling on all types of plant throughout Mackay, with cost-effective services from our friendly team. From custom-manufacturing cutting edges with Hardox wear plate, to designing and constructing structural steel sheds, our professional team create top-quality products which are built to withstand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plasma cutting is used for creating highly accurate shapes from hard metals such as steel. Inert gas is sprayed from a nozzle on the machine, and an electrical arc is directed through the gas, turning some of it into plasma. The plasma melts through the metal and blows molten metal away to create a neat cut.

Yes. We have mobile welders, plus all the right qualifications and equipment to work on-site throughout Mackay and surrounds.

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