We Provide Plasma Cutting Throughout North Queensland

Plasma Cutting — NQHF Pty Ltd in Home Hill, QLD

Precision Steel Cutting & Piercing Technology

Our experts at North Queensland Hardfacing (NQHF) provide highly accurate plasma cutting services for clients throughout Burdekin, Mackay, Mount Isa and the Hunter Valley. This laser-like technology improves cutting speeds, allowing for high amperage and faster set up times. With our expert operators and dedicated facilities, all our projects can be drawn, designed and cut in-house.

The powerful plasma cutting machines at NQHF allow for steel plate up to 40mm. The process of plasma cutting uses an electrical arc directed through inert gas, turning some of the gas into plasma. The plasma then melts the cut precisely into the metal and blows any molten metal away. The technology allows us to create extremely precise shapes, including bevelled edges.

Leading Industry Materials & Technology

With ever-improving technologies such as better alloys and cutting parameters, plasma cutting is the most economical technology for cutting large quantities of plate. Our advanced machinery allows for precise cuts and faster turnaround times, perfect for a wide range of projects.

Our plasma cutting:

At NQHF, our experienced team use modern technology to provide high-quality metalworking services, from tungsten carbide hardfacing to fabrication. Find out about our wide range of steel products and services today.

Plasma Cutter — NQHF Pty Ltd in Home Hill, QLD