NQHF  products include Tungsten Carbide Hardfaced Coatings on the whole range of Ground Engaging Tools(GET) for all types of Earthmoving, Mining and Quarrying equipment.
Suppliers  of:

  • Tungsten Carbide Hardfaced parts for rock crushing, and minerals processing .
  • Full range of agricultural equipment including cane harvester parts.
  • Make your current parts last many times longer by strategically coating  with Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing. Making those same parts last longer reduces costs and downtime.
  • Hardox wear plate from 3mm to 50mm and can manufacture any type of wear plate or cutting edge.
  • Chromium Clad plate CC1500  where a smooth surface is essential, ie Dozer skins or feed chutes.
  • Loader Buckets and GET, cutting edges, shin guards, heel pads and corner shrouds.
  • Shark and CAT underground GET  Tungsten Carbide Hardfaced. 
  • Graders, Dozers, Wheel dozers, Scrapers, and Laser scoops.