High Quality Q&T Plate. Excellent for bucket rebuilds, ore bins & skips, Truck bodies. We stock the full range of wear plate from 3mm to 50mm. Other sizes available on order. For more information go to www.hardox.com/APPLICATIONS/User-stories/

Hardox Wear plate is the highest quality wear plate in the world. Guranteed to be hard all the way through, NQHF has found it to be the best wear plate for all applications in where there is high wer.

Hardox plate is available from 3mm thick to 100mm thick. Whatever need you have NQHF is more than happy to talk to you and come to site to discuss your requirements.

We will give advice as to what the best material is  in the area of wear that you have.

NQHF is a Hardox Wear Parts Member which gives us access to the full range of Technical staff that Hardox employ.

For more information or to arrange a site visit please contact us